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Originally Posted by BenchedGuy View Post
I agree with you. The way I see it at the top 2 lines would be the following in any combination.


Where you have Pedersen, Lorentz, and Ming doing spot fill in with injuries/WJC...etc. But we really need clear the log jam at the bottom 2 lines because we need to get Schmalz and Llewelyn (sp?) playing time and experience as well as who ever may surprise and crack the roster.

I don't see Grant, Lesway and Francisco with a spot on this team come Fall. I would rather see someone like Clampitt get the opportunity.

This is the way I see our top three lines if Spott does decide to "go for it" this year:

Thomson / Marcantuoni / Rieder

Lorentz / Faksa / Ming

Pederson / Crescenzi / Acquired OAer

Nobody has more to prove next year in the OHL than MM. Remember, at the time he was drafted, he was labeled the best forward available in the draft.
There's a lot of question marks surrounding him now. Is he injury prone? With 2 concussions in a little over a month, is he now a "concussion guy"? There's no doubt he has lots of flash and dash but there hasn't been much finish. Can he put big time points on the board consistantly?

MM and Rieder have played well together in the past so I figure we could drop him right into Catenacci's spot on the top line and I'd expect that that line wouldn't, shouldn't miss a beat.

I'd start the year out with that Faksa line together again and see if they can't rediscover the magic that they had for much of last year. I'm hoping they do but if they don't, then one or both of the wingers could be moved out of town or elsewhere on the roster to make room for incoming help.

We have two OA spots open provided AC returns and Spott needs to deal for a high end forward and I'd have that guys penciled in beside AC. Pederson would get a shot on this line as his play in the playoffs did improve to the point where he could at least keep up with AC and Randell most of the time. This is another guy who, if this line doesn't click, would be moved out of town or elsewhere on the roster to make way for incoming help.

The 4th line would be made up of a combination of Sterk, Meighan, Schmalz and Llewellyn.

If Spott is going to "go for it" then he'll have to make the tough deals which will mean parting with quality youth to get quality veteran help. That means that guys like Pederson, McEneny, Gilbert, - even Schmalz, could find themselves involved in deals to make this team a top contender.

I don't have Francisco, Grant, Lesway or Clampitt on this team next year. But if Spott deals some of the quality youth mentioned above, one or two of these guys may be needed to fill out the roster.

I haven't included guys like ZAR, Bailey, Peca, etc as they aren't signed here but if they do, things could get interesting in the bottom half of the lineup.

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