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05-11-2012, 07:17 PM
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Concussion, whiplash, and lower back injury of some sort that still hasn't been quite nailed down.

I jumped over the boards on my change and tried to take up position on the opposition blueline as play was deep in that end (I play D), as I came over the red line the puck was shot around skipped off our wingers stick, was swatted at by the other teams winger and bounced off the boards outside the blue line and came to a stop. I broke into a sprint for it, the other teams winger took one strong stride and dove at it swatting his stick again and chipping it clean over my blade. As he continued to slide toward me, I tried to stop but ran out of space so I tried to jump over him, my skates clipped his stick as I jumped. I landed on the ice on my back and, as I was skating full speed, continued to slide in the same direction. Immediately I tried to sit up knowing I was headed for the boards head first, but only managed to lift my head and took the full smack on my neck and left shoulder. The momentum carried my lower body forward as if my neck were the axis of my whole body, swinging my legs around and smacking the boards a second time, thus the lower back problems I'm still having. It all happened in the space of probably 2 seconds but it felt so much longer as it happened. Seen the video afterwards and I'm suprised I even got up...eventually.

When I got back to the bench I looked up at the scoreboard and realized I couldn't read it. I still knew it was 2-1, but the numbers weren't making sense to me, nothing up there was. I tried to read the board ads as well, still no sense to it. There was ring in my left eye of blurryness which was clear in the centre. It slowly grew outward until I could no longer see it, that was terrifying.

This was December 4, 2011. Haven't put skates on since. I tried to start running again a couple of weeks ago but was overcome by headaches after I finished each time. Most agonizing 5 months of my life. Hopefully a couple more months and I'll be good to go again.

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