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11-24-2003, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyers26
So did you get to the game?
Yes, we did get to the game. First of all, we absolutely loved your city. It ranks up there among the friendliest places we've been, and we travel quite a bit.

As far as the game went...

The facility is much nicer than the Fleet. We loved all of the interactive fan areas and nods to Flyer history around the entire building. In Boston, everything good is on the luxury box level (where the Sports Museum lives), inaccessible to anyone without a luxury box or club seat ticket.

Another stark contrast that pops right out is that the Flyers treat their fans much, much better than the Bruins do. I got the general impression that the fans cared about the team, and that the team made a genuine effort to give it back. Everything you bought at the arena had some value-add attached to it for something that would appeal to a hockey fan. Discounts, coupons, freebies, etc. Little stuff, but nice. You guys may take that for granted, but you have to compare it with Boston. I've had two season tickets since 1995 (we spend about $7500 per year on the Bruins), and only once in 8+ years have I *won* something. It was a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and someone in my row had to correctly answer a trivia question for us to win.

A direct result of the Flyers treating their fans well that we noticed, and of the fans actually caring, is that the Flyers are able to get incredible overachieving from a bunch of mid-level players. With that kind of energy, who wouldn't be able to play at the top of their game? Seriously, Simon Gagne is the only player on the Flyers that might crack a playoff-calibur team's first line in any other city. Philly fans even get Keith Primeau (tell me you saw him on Carolina) busting his butt. It was great to see. I can only imagine what some of the Bruins would play like if they were able to feed off that kind of energy. I'm very jealous. I'm guessing the Flyers' fans are good for SEVERAL points a year to their team. We get a lively crowd maybe half a dozen times a season.

We took a hard time because of our Bruins jerseys, but the bulk of the unacceptable stuff came from a few very drunk, very vocal fans. In a stadium full of 17,000+, I think you'd find that anywhere. Most fans were knowledgable and came to the arena to have a good time. In Boston, since we got our new building (and the insane parking prices, ticket prices, concessions, etc.) we tend to have a much more "gentile" crowd of business-types who won't even stand when the Bruins score. My wife and I were both overwhelmed at the number of Flyers jerseys in the crowd. You don't see that in Boston.

We had a great weekend, and a great time at the game. Thanks to you guys for your advice! It came in very handy.

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