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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
there were TWO aspects to that play and TWO blunders:

in chronological order:
1. Timonen, who wasn't really under much pressure and had at least 2 or 3 other "out" options, passing to his own goalie, then letting Clarkson go in on Bryz free and clear.

I blame Timonen for his error.

2. Bryz for not freezing it. [do not want him trying to play it, anywhere, needs to freeze it, just in case Timonen needed a stop - in which case Timonen needs to yell GET A STOP or FREEZE IT - something to tell Bryz what he was thinking.]

I blame Bryz for his error.

50% each.

what is nonsensical, is people trying so hard to ONLY blame 1 player, when both were at fault.

not that it's surprising, though.
Who do you usually blame for egregious turnovers? The guy solely responsible for the turnover, or the guy who passed him the puck?

If Giroux passes the puck to Carle, who then immediately passes it to an opposing player who then chips it down into an open net in the Flyers zone, is that Giroux's fault? How far back does the blame go? To the guy who had the puck before Giroux? To the ref for dropping the puck?

Edit: And yeah, I'm blaming solely Bryz because Bryz alone was at fault. Carle is renowned for turning the puck over; are those turnovers supposed to be blamed on the guy who gave Carle the puck before he turned it over? I mean, his teammates should know he's prone to that sort of thing, right?

It makes no sense. Timonen didn't make Bryz play the puck directly at Clarkson. Bryz alone chose to do that.

Edit 2: Let's say Timonen passes the puck to Coburn instead of Bryz. Coburn then turns it over. Is that turnover Timonen's fault too?

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