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Originally Posted by Raikkonen View Post
Breaking news! Semin is stealing the MVP!!!

Ov's got the best percentage of the offensive zone starts (from Caps players): 35-22 (off-def starts).

While being positioned to produce offense there were 76 shots for Caps and 120 shots against while OV was on the ice.

Backstrom and Semin is the only ones with positive difference. While their offensive zone starts are much less common.

Backstrom: 92 SF, 87 SA. Offensive-defensive starts = 29-29.
Semin: 84 SF, 70 SA. 12 off zone starts and 26 def zone starts.
Wow, damn. What upsets me most about Ovi is he sucks at board battles.. and at 220 lbs, strong as a bull, there is no reason for it. What I don't understand is, being a competitive guy, how is he ok with it? It's like he has 100% hero mentality -- score a big goal, make a big hit, nowadays make a big block.. but working hard time after time on digging out a puck or closing the gap on a point man is like off limits to what he feels he should be doing. He's evolving to be a Brett Hull that hits hard, which is not bad (esp. if you ignore the salary).. but it's so tantalizing -- how good of a player he could really be..

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