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05-12-2012, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
They didn't do their due diligence -- at least not enough of it -- on Bryz from a personality standpoint, or they just didn't give that component of his makeup enough weight. That's what my gut has told me for awhile now, and I grow more convinced of it as time goes on. Trading for and signing him was a panic move, mandated from the owner.

Very troubling.
I can tell you for a fact there is no way they could, or SHOULD have factored personality into BryzSigning, lots of players are totally different ppl than on the ice, lots of ppl are quite jokers, but when its time to put on the skates, they get the job done. There isn't even a valid reason for saying his personality has affected his game, or his team. If anything, it helps to keep the mood light in the lockerroom and is good for team morale. We are going to have to live with BryzSigning, and we should give him until the end of next season to grade BryzSigning.

Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
Come on guys, he's not gonna sit up there and say, "Well Matt Carle blows. We hope we don't sign him."
"We haven't decided which we want to go with that yet, Matt has communicated with us that he would like to stay, however Defence is our primary focus this off-season, and we want to be very strict with the personnel and make-up of our D Corps this year."

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