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Originally Posted by loLZokAY View Post
Does it talk about him [mod: being charged with domestic violence]? Or the destruction of his house? Cause if it goes into those details, then it has to be a straight look into his life. The guy had some horrible anger issues...
Yes. Here's mostly what we learn about it in the book.

His father was there that night because they celebrated Patrick beating Sawchuk's record for most wins at the Pepsi Center. Patrick's family and friends went to dinner the day after. He had an argument with his wife in the car all the way from the restaurant to their house. Patrick decided to walk outside before entering the house, hoping his wife would go to bed before he entered. But she didn't and they continued their argument. His father heard them and then heard a loud crack. Patrick's (now ex) wife irrupted in his bedroom and told him: "Mister Roy, you won!" He asked her what she said and she replied: " You won, you can keep you son." She then told him to get dressed and to get out of the house. Patrick's dad says in the book he and his wife never really saw eye to eye with her but their relations were cordial until then. He went downstairs and saw Patrick sitting on the sofa with a policeman beside him. He asked Patrick what happened and he told him: "She called 911, it's over." He says in the book it was only a verbal dispute and that the wife was never physically threatened. She called the police but she probably didn't know about Colorado's law. The broken door had just been changed and it wasn't completely fixed when Patrick pushed it.

They separated two years after that night, just after Patrick announced his retirement.

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