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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
Nuto is a small, lightweight player, and for the most part his all-around game isn’t that great at the moment, but I think he has some smarts and a skill aspect to his game. He did quite well in Jr.A considering his age and slightly limited tool box. He needs to grow, get stronger and work hard on his game, but I think that it’s at least worth keeping an eye on how he develops during the next 12 months. Ojamäki is taller, plays a more straight forward game and has some ability to play the body, but I don’t think he’s quite as creative or skilled as Nuto. It was close and I could’ve had Ojamäki or someone else there instead of Nuto, but opted to go with the later one at this point. I had close to 40 players on my list when I started, but this felt like the best top-25 for me at the moment.

I’d be very interested of reading more about your views and also seeing your watch list for 2013. I’ve seen all the players on my list, but it’s not like I know their game through and through, so additional thoughts and info would be appreciated.

Tolvanen, Nuto, Ojamäki and Teemu Vuorisalo are the only Ässät prospects for this draft that I’ve paid more than casual attention to so far. Vuorisalo showed some offensive upside, but defensively he has a lot of work to do, plus his lateral/backwards movement is feeble and physically he’s weak just like Nuto.

Nuto, Ojamäki and Vuorisalo have some potential, but it’ll probably take time before we see possible results from these guys. Their game is uneven, which is probably a result of not so comprehensive coaching a few years back. On the other hand this could mean that they have more potential for big improvement in the coming years. I did see Ässät Jr.B team play once or twice, but can’t say that Jarno Kärki or the others stood out that much for me. Perhaps I have to pay more attention to them next season.

Well, I really don't like making lists since my sample size of most players is only a few games. Since I'm from Pori I've been watching the local juniors more than others and feel I can give two cents on them.

First Nuto, He's a small guy that doesn't really possess any attributes that can be developed enough to be interantionally successful. And he got to play with one of the most dominant players in jr A for the whole season (Rendulic), which explains his points totals. For me he really looked out of place there and in the games he played in jr B, he couldn't really hold on to the puck or make plays either. He does have decent hands, but that's about it.

As you said Ojamäki is a speedy more straightforward guy. He has a good shot and uses it often. He really didn't get the playing time or opportunities Nuto did, but shows a lot more promise.

I don't know that much about goalies, but I've heard that Tolvanen isn't that impressive technically, so considering what he did this season if he can develop that aspect he could be good.

On Kärki, it baffles me how he didn't play in jr A this season, considering their center depth was pretty poor. He has great vision and playmaking skills. He also has a good shot and size, but he's movement and explosiveness are lacking.

One other guy i like is Henri Keskilohko (and not because of he's ilmaveivi). Don't really like like Vuorisalo as he can't defend and isn't that impressive going forward either.

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