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05-12-2012, 08:06 AM
Darren Peng
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I'm a goalie but when I'm not in goal I'm one of those rare people who can play both ways, my coach thought it was hilarious when I played out at practice one day and he asked what handed I was and I said I can play both, then he chirped one of the really old players and said "hey do you have one of those old sticks with no curve on the blade for Chris to use?"

I'm weird because I write with my left hand, but do everything else like throwing, bowling and all other hitting sports right-handed. So that makes both of my hands equally as strong for hockey.

I learnt to play with a right-handed stick because the guy who taught me was right handed, then I started playing in goal catching left because I felt more comfortable holding the stick in my right hand. After playing in goal for a while I was playing in the street and tried out a left handed stick and found I was just as good playing left as I was right.

There's loads of kids in the UK who play the wrong way, it's because when they start they and the parents don't know much about hockey so when they go to buy little Johnny a stick he writes with his right hand and plays cricket right-handed so they get him a right-handed stick.

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