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05-12-2012, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 89 View Post
Why does it surprise you? Every goalie this franchise has ever had has gotten turned on. EVERY-SINGLE-ONE. At least since the 80s until today, I suppose Parent never was turned on, then again I wasn't around to know.
The flyers created that mess by cheaping out all those years on has beens and never was goalies. We could have just signed Cujo in 98 and things may have been different. We have a good goalie now but nobody has patience for the position anymore so he got put in a bad spot where there is no room for error. I thought he played a lot better to really good by the end and on this team with the way we play allowing 3 goals is like allowing 1. time to stop worrying about the goalie and go back to fixing the defense cause 1 good defensman (Grossmann) aint gonna cut it.

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