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05-12-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by MVPeyton View Post
Well actually some teams most certainly do draft for need, even that high up. If there's a clear cut #2, then no, but in this draft, there really isn't, and when two, three or even four players are virtually even in BPA sense, team need becomes the tie-breaker(if it doesn't have priority already). Columbus has proven to go somewhat off the board in favor of need(trading down for Moore, Johansen at 4) as well.

And when you've had major issues with two high-profile Russian prospects, you do tend to re-think the matter, that's pretty key. Even forgetting that, Columbus can't risk this high of a pick on a guy who'll potentially bolt if he doesn't get his way(a lot of teams can't, which IMO is why Grigs could fall to us and maybe beyond), not to mention the other things going against him. On the other hand with Murray, even ignoring a lack of positional need for a defenseman, he's an odd case altogether. On one hand, he's probably far and away the safest pick in the draft, especially at that point. On the other, he likely won't develop into the superstar a lot of these other guys could. A team like Columbus could go either way. You're basically getting Glen Wesley for 7+ years, and Columbus, with the organization in the state it's in, can't afford to blow this pick, so it'd make sense to play it safe. Of course, their organization's in tough enough spot that they really need a potential superstar rather than Glen Wesley. Tough spot to be in.
I won't argue the drafting based on need, its subjective IMO. Johansen and Moore weren't considered "off the board" at all when drafted. Drafting someone a spot or two ahead of where they are ranked isn't off the board. Drafting a guy like Hickey at 4 when he is ranked around 20th is "off the board".

That being said, I don't disagree with your second paragraph. And a lot of what you said in that paragraph is exactly the reason why I hope the Ducks try and trade the 6th overall pick either for a center or trade down.

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