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05-12-2012, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Dylonus View Post
You're not only mixing the kool-aid, you're drinking it too.

Anybody with a functioning brain knows Malkin was a non-factor. Did you even watch a game, hell, even highlights? Everything was showing how Couturier was in Malkin's head. Getting him off his game, playing him very well, are you truly denying Couturier's excellence?

Of course it's a team sport, but your captain showed up in crunch time. Getting scoring started twice, double shifting to get things done, etc.

Malkin had 1 primary assist, and it wasn't even off the PP, and only had one goal that even mattered. (Sorry, but scoring the only goal after you're down 3 goals in an elimination game means nothing at that point, other than "at least we scored!")

Explain to me, how Malkin was a factor at all in the series?
I'm saying you're giving too much credit to Couturier and not enough credit to the five man unit Lavi set up to shut him down. And as far as double shifting ... not like that's something Geno controls.

Yeah, I watched the series. I saw our Captain, after missing most of two seasons, starting fights that led to suspensions. I saw a short-handed goal that was all him. And I saw Staal, who according to the press was the only one to show up, being responsible for the GWG in OT in game 1. And for all his offense, almost every one of Philly's PP goals, Staal was on the ice for. Not to mention not being able to win a defensive zone face off if his life depended on it. I saw Letang looking like a rookie, and our defense sucking ass and Flower wilting in the cage. And Bylsma being out-coached.

You can't pin the series loss on Geno not showing up. They lost as a team. For every positive you can point out, there was a negative or two to counter it. It wasn't any one players fault ... it was every players fault. Malkin carried the team through the regular season ... at some point other players have to shoulder their portion of the load.

And now, it's over and done with. Time to take what lessons there are to be learned from it and move on. If you think that means his efforts throughout the entire season are meaningless ... whatev

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