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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Your words define two separate sets ... teams lower points and teams lower seeds, not a single set of teams with lower points AND a lower seed. When your lower point logic fails, go to lower seeds and vice versa. So when you complain Trotz can't win as the lower seed, and it's proven wrong, you change your argument.

For your logic failure of a position to work you have to count the Devils as supporting it as winning in a lower seed while having more points, then count the Yotes as also supporting it while winning as a higher seed but with fewer points. If A then B unless it's if B then A ... maybe it's C.

Three teams that support your lower points AND lower seed argument advanced from the first round. Your picking and choosing which ones makes any stat you make up completely meaningless.
About as meaningless as you using just the western conference. My whole point is that seeding and standing really isn't that important in the playoffs. The "we're always underdog" argument us bs. There's no excuse why Trotz playoff is so abysmal. He is not good in the playoffs.

Now, quickly deflect with some meaningless stat about how expansion teams dating back to 1940 take "x" years to make the 2nd round and Trotz did it 2 years earlier.

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