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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
Cool stuff! I've often toyed with the idea of doing this sort of stuff as a hobby, but it's never gone past the gosh-it'd-be-cool-if stage, since I have no clue where to start on such an endeavour.

- Where do you grab your clips from?
Usually youtube, also u can download the full games and take a lot of cool clips from them.

- How do you cut them apart (ie. if you wanted to isolate a four-second sequence out of a two-minute video)?
Its almost the same way in all kind of editors. On Sony Vegas u just have to select the part u want and press 'S'.

- What program do you use to put it all together?
I use Sony Vegas, but also u can try it on a simple editor like Windows Movie Maker.

I also told Cruel11 once that we could make a compilation competition here on HFBoards, i think we have a lot of great editors.

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