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05-12-2012, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MacJagr View Post
It's not really an excuse, I can't blame everything on them as well, both have their share to blame, however in my opinion and based on what we've seen this season and the last few the former (System,D, etc) has a larger blame percentage than the latter(Goaltending). Making those adjustments will help Bryz, and if it doesn't and he continues to be bad, then it will help whoever else we bring in net should it resort to that.

Look at Phoenix, put in anyone in net there and there numbers are bound to go up. If the management insists on getting mediocre goaltenders and put money towards has beens and never was goaltenders, then they need to realize that the team in front of them needs to be ****ing ace on D, because one or other isn't going to cut it.
i agree with you. This year sucked because our best player, Pronger, was lost for the season. now probably forever. it blows. I look at our team and our forwards are insanely awesome. the kids need to bulk up and we need to just let jagr go. save that money for better things. lessons from him are over. the kids learned. we need to get suter tho. pronger's done. as far as phoenix, i don't see labarbara winning that starting job. so not everybody can get turned to gold there. mike smith is a big goalie and i really think sean burke is the whole reason behind a lot of what goes on there, its not just the system. but you have to have skill and size to be successful. labarbaras a skill less fatty. thus why he's a backup. i really think the flyers need a new goalie coach bad. top priority.

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