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05-12-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Foot was more than likely still a big issue for him for most of the playoffs and during that entire series, yet Bryz and Coburn were EASILY the best players of that Devils series. I'm sure it's all on Bryz when they are being 32 to ****ING 12 after 2 periods (in game 4) and it was still a 3-2 game at that point. Also given the fact that we have not had a consistent and healthy D for most of the season and Bryz being put into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT system than the one in Phoenix. Also throwing in how many new faces there were in general and how many rookies there were, were to have problems bound all over the place and in turn, have more goals scored on our goalies. Give him another year or two, at least. So glad you aren't the GM.

But I'm sure none of this will sink in right? I'll be sure to keep a track on this thread and bring these comments back up next season when he is completely kicking ass.
Give me a break. The guy handles the puck like a grenade, has a five hole bigger than Lindsey Lohan and the posture of a wet sack of newspapers, but his foot is the magical excuse?

The system excuse is another overrated lolz. The guy has one job, stop the puck from entering the net.

And for such a completely terrible D and system, we sure did well on the shots against department. SEVENTH LOWEST in the entire league for the regular season. 12th in the post season.

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