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05-12-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by OrrwastheBeatles View Post
You keep spewing the same thing over and over so I am not going to respond to most of it. But two things:

No one knows going forward what his production will be. But your expectations are at the low end of the spectrum - you may turn out to be right, but nonetheless, most people expect more from him. As a GM, you would be an idiot to demand a return based on the low end of expectaions. You try to find a trading partner who is at the optimistic end of the spectrum but at the very least, you work with middle to top half. The majority of GMs in the league would see Iggy as a good bet to pot 35 or so for each of the next two years on a good roster. And then start to regress from there.
Low end? Keep dreaming fanboy. Look at the list of 500+ goal scorers and then look at their production in the tail ends of their careers. That will tell you what to expect from Iginla. I feel I was being really generous saying Iginla will score 100 more goals in his career. You are aware that 100 more goals would put Iginla in the top 15 goal scorers in NHL history? That would be an impressive accomplishment, and extremely unlikely. Like I say, look at the list and the production of those players down the stretch of their careers.

Any GM that thinks Iginla can score 35 goals for each of the net two seasons should be immediately fired from his job. History says otherwise. Iginla's personal play says otherwise. Iginla was a great player, still remains a very good player, but time and the style of play in the league are going to take their toll.

As for Bourque - terrible comparison and shows how badly you are missing the mark with Iggy. Bourque was 38 when traded and had been considering retiring for at least a couple years (it was an annual watch). The Avs fully understood that they were getting a 39 year old who was long past being great and was coming over for either one or two years as a veteran leader and dressing room guy.
Find a comparable then. Bourque is the best from I can find, since people hate the comparison between Guerin and Iginla. I think you sell Bourque short, who really only lost his desire to play once he hoisted the Stanley Cup. Bourque was a great player right up until the end. I guess you forget that Bourque scored 59 points in his final season, only 8 less than Iginla this past season.

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