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03-23-2006, 08:21 AM
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I think one thing that may determine what we do this offseason is whether he is one of the three nominated for the Vezina....if he is....I think he and his agent will be thinking $6-7 mill elite goalie status is his due at the next contract.

The other thing is how far we go in the playoffs....the farther we go...the bigger the warchest....the bigger the season ticket sales next year....the better the marketing, etc...

With that being said, the likely scenario, IMHO, is :

-No Vezina nomination, Get bounced in the 1st round.....->continue with current contract and see how he does next year

-No Vezina nomination, Go far in the playoffs.......->approach him about a hometown discount $5-5.5 mill and a 3 yr contract

-Vezina nomination, Get bounced in 1st round.......->continue with current contract, seeing if his production falls off, thereby lowering his negotiating strength, and pursue the contract next year depending on how his year is going [like the goalies signed at the end of this year]

-Vezina Nomination, go far in the playoffs......->negotiate hard for the hometown discount above, but be ready to up it $6mill....if he refuses....wait.

There is no way we allow him to walk, IMO....elite goalies come along very rarely....we have seen the value of having one.....we are no longer as frugal as we once were and we are now a Stanely Cup condtender for years to come....we have to pay the market for elite players. Also remember one of the main reasons why Kariya signed [and future UFA's will come]....big-time goaltending, which is at a premium in the "New NHL." And by all accounts, Tomas loves it here and is not a "big city" kind of guy.

No freaking way we allow him to way in hell

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