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Originally Posted by Diaboli
I can understand your logic with the numbers, but I just can't see why make lists purely on what you read from the stat sheet. Or game reports, prolly as biased as they come.
I'm glad that you understand my logic with the numbers, but if you don't like it? then don't!

I have seen many writers here, and they are doing that too! i think? so why i'm your target?

Originally Posted by Diaboli
I just can't see the justification for people to make rankings on players (especially such young ones), if they haven't seen them play in person. The big picture often gets skewed, if you just look at reports and stats. Especially for comparisons to older players. Player X might compare to a good player, but how close is he to him?
Like i said before, it's allmost impossible to see all of these players playing regularly! I live in Helsinki, so i don't have that time and interest to travel somewhere like Oulu, (witch is hundreds kilometers away from Helsinki) and only see how good and talented this Player X really is?

When i know that some interesting player is going to play in Helsinki this weekend, then i usually go watch him!

I can honestly say that this list is allmost 80% trueth! but there is allways some players who's never going to be such as good that i've ranked them, but what can i do? I'm just the guy who give's these names for finnish people!


You are absolutely right with that ranking thing! I shouldn't not rank players that i haven't seen yet, but still i'm going to make these list's for people and my self, like who might be good and great player in the future and i'm pretty sure that allmost everyone who's on my list is going to be good or great player on their age group's in Finland!

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