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05-12-2012, 09:19 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by GDU View Post
To give a point of reference for MPS value, here are some forwards who scored at the pace as MPS as an 18 year old in the Swedish Elite league:

Anze Kopitar

we can play this game all day, the fact is neither Gormley or MPS has proven a thing except that they have some elite characteristics that might make them great players one day...

gormley is a great prospect but seriously, asking for eberle or hall to be involved.... really?
It's not some game. MPS looked freaking terrible this year. Terrible. He looks like he's a possible bust. Gormley does not that's what he did this year. Who cares how MPS scored or was ranked two years ago? Are you really going to pretend a prospect's value is frozen at its highest level?

I'm not asking for Eberle or Hall to be involved, never said anything like it, I'm not trying to build an offer from Edmonton, so I don't know what you're asking me. I'm saying that an offer for Gormley around MPS is not in the ballpark. I'm a Blues fan who wants Gormley and I don't think we could get him straight up for Stewart and Stewart >>> MPS at this point, even with Stewart's bad year. A bad year does affect value. Look at Stewart's drop in value over a year. It affects a never-established prospect like MPS all the more. If you want Gormley from Phoenix, I don't know what Edmonton has to offer but it sure as heck isn't MPS.

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