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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
myself and this is personal opinion but I like Kielly a lot more than Gallant...Gallant is the one a fan will notice first because of his show time puck handling and great speed making end to end rushes....he is very inconsistant I find though, when he gets hit and the other team starts taking his rush away he disapears from the game...Kielly on the other hand, not as flashy, makes smart plays, moves well without the puck, excellent puck handling ability, rather use his teammates than make the rush himself and force a play...he has a quick release and good in tight areas, excellent vision and passing, controls the play rather than force, good in all areas of the ice, leadership qualities.
Don't get me wrong both of these guys are great players. Kielly has a ton of skill as does Gallant. Truth be told, I think Gallant does not have the right mind-set and could be more of a cancer to a team. When a teammate makes a mistake on the ice, Gallant shows his frustration and I also find him to be somewhat of a puck-hog and tries to do too much on his own to put on a show. He most definitely does not like the rougher side of the game and frustrates easily when teams key-in on him. If someone can get his head on straight he'll be a great player but we all know it all starts with a good head so he's a work in progress and needs to be more of a team player. That being said these are young kids and I'm sure they will all mature, but Gallant has a lot of maturing to do. Kielly has so much talent and he seems to have his head on straight too. Of the two, Kielly would be my target as he is a much more team player and seems to make his teammates better when he's on the ice too, something Gallant lacks. Anyways, that's just my two cents, enjoy!

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