Thread: Speculation: Would you take Carle back?
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05-12-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
Although I have been a long time "supporter" of him earning his keep, his time here has passed.

The money he will require can be put to better use.
I would likely agree to this. People say he's soft, but I don't know if that's the right term. He isn't aggressive physically, but he really doesn't possess the tools to be at the NHL level. Kimmo doesn't either but he finds a way to get it done. If you play 22+ minutes for several years, and 82 games this last season, you're not soft. There's no way, you're playing through some **** along the way there...especially when you're leading your team in blocked shots (which doesn't even count the times he gets a blade on shots, which is very often).

Second, him getting beat all the time...when is this? Am I not watching the perfect selection of games to miss it?

He isn't a force in his zone, he's not dragging people into board battles and skating away with the puck, or clearing the crease, or any of the other assertive defensive plays you need to reduce the other teams time of possession. He's not big enough or fast enough. But he always stick his man, stays with pretty much everyone in spite of average foot speed, and gets a stick or leg or whatever in their way to break up their play. That's serviceable defense from your puck moving guys. There are not that many Prongers or Webers out there who can do it all, whether it is hit, block shots, win puck battles, clear creases and then also make brilliant offensive plays. There's just not.

The one beef I do have with him is not what he is only okay at (defense), but rather his decision making with the puck. Ugh, what is he looking at on some of those plays? I don't know. If you're going to have that many giveaways you need to be taking lots os risks creating tons of offense. Most of the time when he turns it over, Carle isn't taking his gambles and losing for the sake of offense, he's just ****ing up (a lot of the time in his own zone, no less).

I'm with a lot of people here. He's a good player, but the money he earns would likely be better spent elsewhere.

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