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05-12-2012, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
Leg pads were $80
C/A + Blocker + glove + Throat Guard + (not used in a game goalie jock) = $260
Reebok 7K pants $110
Bauer 60 skates = $200

Stick, helmet and neck guard will probably run at least $300 if not $400.

This is also pretty cheap, I got an awesome deal from a guy on HFBoards for the blocker, C/A and glove.

The glove is awesome. As a baseball player I think catching the puck is going to be awesome.
I went back and fourth on whether to go the goalie or skater route. I'm leaning towards skater, but seeing how i've only bought my skates (because of how much work i need), i guess i can still decide either way. Also being a baseball player, how did you make the decision?

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