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05-13-2012, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
When a one-year contract containing bonuses is signed after the season has started, and is effective for the then-current season, the standard cap-hit formula is adjusted to the following:

[ ( base salary * days remaining in season / days in season ) + total signing and performance bonuses ] * days in season / days remaining in season

Examples of this in the past are entry-level contracts for Welsh with Carolina and Jesse Winchester with Ottawa in 2007-08 and Mats Sundin's one-year deal with Vancouver in 2008-09.


Base: $832,500
Signing bonus: $92,500
Performance bonus: $0
Signed on: April 7, 2012
Days in season: 185
Days remaining: 1

[ ( $832,500 * 1 / 185 ) + $92,500 ] * 185 / 1 = $17,945,000

JT Brown would have had a ridiculous looking cap hit like Welsh, but his bonuses come into effect next season.
ok, i get it, thanks.

about Suter and Weber - no chance, we need atleast 14mil. in cap space for both, 7.5mil. for Weber and 6-6.5mil. for Suter. Add that to Vinnys 7.7, Stammers 7.5(and after 4 seasons he'll probably get a big increase), Martys 5.6 and we have about 35mil. to just 5 guys. We need a good goalie, 2nd pairing Ds(if we trade Brewer and Hedman for Suter and Weber), 1-2 top six forward - it just doesn't work cap and depth wise.
Suter maybe but not Suter and Weber

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