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Originally Posted by TheRocket87 View Post
Well, I really don't like making lists since my sample size of most players is only a few games. Since I'm from Pori I've been watching the local juniors more than others and feel I can give two cents on them.
I doubt there’s a poster on these boards who has seen all the Finnish prospects several times during one season. My lists aren’t based on the most in depth information or expertise, but I think that posting a ranking or a watch list is better than not posting at all. At least there’s a possibility of getting some conversation going, which in turn might lead us to having a slightly better idea of what to watch for in the upcoming drafts. You can clearly evaluate a player and you added value to this thread by sharing your thoughts on Ässät players, I appreciate that.

Originally Posted by TheRocket87 View Post
First Nuto, He's a small guy that doesn't really possess any attributes that can be developed enough to be interantionally successful. And he got to play with one of the most dominant players in jr A for the whole season (Rendulic), which explains his points totals. For me he really looked out of place there and in the games he played in jr B, he couldn't really hold on to the puck or make plays either. He does have decent hands, but that's about it.
You make a lot of sense and for the most part I agree with what you write here. He’s a small player, none of his attributes greatly jump out at the moment and he played a lot with Rendulic. At the same time, the way Nuto performed on the ice made me think that he might be physically undeveloped in comparison to many of his peers. If this is in fact true and he in addition has some growth left in him, we might see a substantial improvement once he gets closer to a level playing field with others on the ice. He’s definitely a longshot, maybe even a longshot to become a longshot, but nonetheless a player I want to see develop a bit more before counting him out.

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