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05-13-2012, 07:24 AM
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I've been playing now for 8 weeks and I can say I've gotten decidedly better.

I feel comfortable on my skates - still not great at certain things (backwards, fast stops, that sort of thing) but I don't really think about the skating part of thing when I'm playing a game. I just go. One of my teammates noticed that I'm getting faster.

I can now shoot the puck and have it go pretty much where I intend it to go. It's not fast and it may not be pretty - but it ends up at least close to the net, if not in it (so long as nobody is goaltending, that is!).

I can skate with the puck and not have it go everywhere but where I intend it. The first time I played, I really felt that there must be a magnet in the stick and another in the puck, repelling one another.

I've made a couple of goals and gotten a couple of assists. Even though the goals have never been the pretty ones you imagine - just ugly little tip-ins where I was in the right place and had the opportunity - they still show up on the scoreboard and it's still a pretty good feeling.

I've been playing with my D-league on Sundays and a women's drop-in on Thursdays. I don't feel lost on the ice anymore, like I'm never where I'm supposed to be. The first couple of games I felt like I was a hindrance to my team, now I don't feel that so much. And at my women's game this week, I felt that I actually contributed, I worked well with my line and was able to get the puck from the boards a few times, grab a few turnovers, and block a shot from going in our net.

I'm sad that I'll be missing the last game for my D-league team today. I'm not the only one - a bunch of us will be at the Coyotes game tonight, so it's a good excuse to miss the game.

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