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05-13-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
From the looks of things you've put your foot in your mouth. Morrow weighs 10-15lbs more then Gernat, but that is due to his conditioning and coaching he's had over that last couple of years. The biggest knock on Gernat is his weight, and if he had the same weight or muscle as Morrow, their would be no question who is better. If Gernat fills out he will be scary, because a man with his size, and caliber of shot, and skating ability would make Morrow look like a midget.[
If Gernat currently weighs 191 lbs (per the WHL website) and he adds 20 lbs of muscle, he would weigh more than Morrow. Simple arithmetic, there. Thank goodness games are decided by how well the players can play the game of hockey and not by their size.

Gernat's an intriguing prospect, but he needs better conditioning and more work with his decision making, thus making Morrow the superior prospect.

P.S. How does one's shot and speed make someone else look like a midget? The term "midget" is relative to size, not speed or ability to shoot a hockey puck.

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