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05-13-2012, 08:52 AM
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I don't like any alignment that makes me care about less than half of the league when considering if my team makes the playoffs. In this case I would only care about the record of my team and the three others in their division. Right now at least I care about every other eastern team. But how often do we hear things like "well they don't mind giving them the OT point, they are in the other conference." I don't want that to be true against 28 other teams.

Aside from division winners, it should at least go to conferences. 2nd place in your division shouldn't mean a thing. Even then only 7 other teams matter. This was my biggest gripe about the league's proposed plan too. If they are breaking the divisions down that far there have to be wildcard spots.

imo the alignment would be ok if the playoff format was improved.

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