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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Price, Subban and Pacioretty are pretty much our best players going forward and they are our core. However, being totally realistic, I don't see us giving them enough support in the next 2-4 years when they are in their prime for us to win it all. Looking at the teams that have won it all, most have had considerable playoff success in the year before they won it all or steadily built up to that.

I honestly can't see us getting enough pieces with the way free agency is so tight these days. Even if Grigs, Galy or TT pan out perfectly, we'd still need another big piece imo. Which if coming from the draft, means we'd either have to tank again next year, which still means we are looking at 3-4 years away at which time our core is getting near the end of their prime.

I think the sad reality is we need to start over. I'm not saying tank, I'm saying restock the prospects. The pieces that we could get for Price would be at an all time high right now. Same thing with Subban and Patches.

If we can get 1-2 blue chip prospects and a pick for each of them. We'd be legit contenders in 3-4 years. I honestly don't see us being legit contenders in 3-4 years if we keep our core.

I have faith in Bergevin but I think the window to win with Price, Patches and Pleks is closing. In 4 years, they will have to be the supporting pieces of the puzzle, not the core. I don't see us getting a good enough new core in 4 years without trading them.

It wouldn't be popular but I think if the return on Price, Patches & Subban were great, people wouldn't hate it. Tanking isn't our answer. But we can learn from what Philly did even if they didn't win the cup, their team got younger and better. We need to do the same.

If you look at the teams that won the cup, they had a young core. Boston's core is a lot older this past year but I think they'll have a new window in two years when Seguin & company are ready. We don't have that kind of talent waiting in the back room. Chicago, Pittsburg, Anaheim, they all won when their core was relatively young. I think we've missed that window with our core.
You make some valid points, but it seems on simplistic terms, to tear down our young core, to go out and TRY to build a new young core...?

Gotta disagree with you...patience is the key here...our core is strong, and still young...

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