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05-13-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post

The Rangers offered a lot more than you. So, if you want Nash, offer a ****ing lot, otherwise don't even bother.
interesting to see what he finally goes for.

i don't think its a slam dunk that he gets as much as the Rags offered in-season. GM's tend to be a bit less trigger happy in the offseason without that added emotional allure of "getting over the top".

Nash has a huge contract, and though a consistent goal scorer, isn't exactly a reliable bet to make those around him better or lead a team the way a dominant #1 C or #1Dman can. How many teams will really be in the running, and of those, how many will be willing to give up that much?

If Nash really is dead set on leaving, Howson's in a tougher spot than he was in-season, unless he finds at least 2 GM's that convince themselves that they need to get Nash "at all cost", his bidding war might prove to be significantly smaller than a few months ago.

we likely have both the cap space (assuming Gomez is gone) and the need, yet there's no way I'd offer up a similar package to the one Howson rejected:

2012 2nd

no chance in hell.

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