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11-24-2003, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsolution
If they call up Komisarek I fully expect them to play him. And play him on the right side. What would be the use of calling both Dagenais and Komisarek up to give them Hossa's and Hainsey's pressbox seats ? Really ...

So either

1. A trade involving a righty dman is in the work
2. Someone on the right side is hiding an injury
3. They plan on benching one of Rivet or Q-ball. I just don't see them benching Brisebois the way he is playing right now.
4. They indeed are stupid enough to call up Komisarek in order to sit him.

As for Dagenais, what kind of message would it have sent to him if they had called up Plek or Higs ? Doesn't matter if you're the top goal scorer in the league, we signed you but you're not in our plans at all ? Before calling up our prospects they had to call up Dagenais. I'm not impressed at the "live and die with the youth" statement made by the habs earlier this season though.

I won't comment on the fact they sent down Hossa and Hainsey though. It pisses me off too much.
I agree with you. I wanted to see a youth movement in Montreal but not in rotation. And don't count that #4 option out too fast. At this point, with the way CJ has handled the kids, I wouldn't be surprised if indeed Komisarek was doing much more sitting than playing.

Dagenais deserved an other chance also. I don't like him, but this is my business. He was scoring a lot in the AHL and scoring is a problem in Montreal. That being said, he's big but softer than silk. But the worse part is his speed. He's by far the slowest skater on our team now, even more than Langdon. Good shot I'll give him that, but cannot create chances by himself. Anyway I hope they at least try him with Ribeiro so we get this over with.

Not impressed. Bouillon is better than Hainsey? Dagenais better than Hossa? Come on. Anyway I won't jump at anybody's throat for those decisions and wait for the results but so far, CJ is not making a fan of his out of me the way he's been handling the kids. We'll see.

Anybody else think it's ridiculous how tough it is for a rookie to crack an average team's lineup like Montreal?

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