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11-24-2003, 11:42 AM
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[QUOTE=HabzIsLife]This is BS this organization doesn't know how to handel kids God DAMN on any other Team Komi would've already made it, not to much bS at the beggining of the Year, Hossa would be playing, Audette would be scratched because OTHER TEAMS SEE THE NEED FOR YOUNG PLAYERS!!!!! NO NOT MONTREAL we BENCH our kids and then we play them 4 minutes a game every GOD DAMN 6 GAMES WHAT IS THIS? then we send them back to AHL, do u seriously think that being sent down is a Confidence boost? since when was going from manager to cash a GOOD THING? this Organization needs to get a damn clue, why has AUDETTE NOT BEEN SCRATCHED? I still try to understand this Organization.... the kids that should be up ALL THE TIME!


these 6 kids MUST be in our lineup now we have

Man you could see that Hainsey was definetely not ready for the NHL. Werent you nervous every time he had the puck. Thats when you know they still need time in the AHL. Hossa just did not have the mind to handle the speed of the NHL. He needs time to develop and Montreal will not help him. In my personal opinion Hainsey will not end up being that good but Hossa still has a chance. Im not sure Komisarek is ready either, I think that he is taking Hainsey's spot because he is physically more mature then Hainsey. Ryder is good, he has good moves and likes to shoot. He is similar to Zednik and needs a setup man to complement his game. But suprisingly he does have a lot of assists. And Ribeiro is dynamite, he needs finishers too, he is same type of player as Koivu except much better one on one.

An organization like Montreal does not need all these young players. That will make the team worse. And a lot of people who say thata influx of young players will be good long term for Montreal. I disagree with that because how do we know the players are going to be sucessful. Having a few who are the best of the best of montreal prospects is good. Besides you cant give spots to people because of their potentiel or age, they have to be skilled and ready to play in tight checking NHL.

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