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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Don't waste time on system or game play drills until your players are capable of executing the fundaments fairly well (skating, passing, shooting). Nothing is a bigger waste of time than running a breakout drill with players who can't make tape to tape passes. Time with that level of player is much better spent in small groups doing skill drills, working on edgework, passing, basic shooting technique, etc.

Put 6-7 players around a face off circle and have them pass to a player across from them and follow their pass right across and replace the player they passed to and so on and so on. Get them doing that fast. If they're good at that, do moving 2 man passing drills with cones, etc.

Run lines, but make them do them right, with the proper bend, and make them hockey stop at each end facing the same side of the rink, so they work on stopping both ways.

Run Russian circles to make them work on crossovers both ways.

Run simple C cut drills and lemon drills.

this x100 ... you wouldnt ask 8 yo to do systems, so why people learning the physical skills required. perfect.

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