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05-13-2012, 05:12 PM
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Northern conference, while it generates more Canada v Canada games, is also a pain. It's the only conference that spans from coast to coast. Also I don't think Montreal v Boston would like being separated.

I'd flip Winnipeg with Seattle and then move the "Western Division" (with Seattle) into the Western conference, the "North Western Division" (with Winnipeg) into the Central, and then the "North Central" into the Northern. Still don't like Colorado in the same conference with Florida/Tampa, but at least it's not in the same division.

The scheduling matrix works, so no problems there. I would suggest the playoffs crossover--that is #1 in division A plays #2 in division B (in the same conference), and vice versa. Or, just seed the teams (2 from each division) 1-4 based on points in each conference.

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