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05-13-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Uncle Slick View Post
actually, very symbolic ...

... and that laughing in the background is from the leaders at MLSE, the loudest is Tom Anselmi.

What's very telling is Winter still has a job today. His plan, his tactics and his player selection are not up to MLS standards, which in itself is absolutely incredible. They're now playing not to lose, which means they're not trying to win!

And to top it off, Winter and Mariner are at odds with one another. The clock's got to be ticking, who goes first, Mariner or Winter?

I'd sack Winter and let Mariner take over, salvage the season - he knows the MLS very well and is well connected.

I'm just guessing, but I think the delay in action is a result of Anselmi waiting for Klinsmann to return his phone calls.

Anselmi remains clueless, he'll be promoted to replace Peddie, MLSE thrives on the Peter Principle.

And if this is how it remains with TFC, there's absolutely no way I renew my 4 seats. There's no way I'm going to continue to support substandard football - it's gouging at it's worst.
I cant blame you if you dont renew. TFC had all the momentum coming into the league & the organization has done everything to completely erode it & put the franchise in a bad situation moving forward.

Its really unbelievable that Winter hasnt been sacked yet. He looks like a guy that is completely out of his depth & he has been unable to get the team to successfully employ his style of game in the MLS.

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