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05-13-2012, 07:12 PM
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Racism? lol
How do you know they wouldn't? I've heart that Poile would not over-react. If you ask for 1 hour late it is total over-reaction
I'm just pointing out on double-standards and don't get me wrong I was the one who was defending on E.Kane after he got involved in bar fight got a concussion and was out for 12 games here in Winnipeg. Or P.Kane who got arrested attacking cab-driver cuz of like 20 cents. Or Byfuglien here in Winnipeg again or Richards&Carter and I could keep going on. So yeah maybe I'm wrong and Poile and Trotz would handle the situation same way with any other player, but media for sure isn't.
From same article
When former Flyers captain Mike Richards and teammate Jeff Carterówho helped the Kings into the Western Conference finals with a sweep of St. Louisówere exiled by Philadelphia last summer amid rumors of excessive partying, their story was never framed as an example of the shortcomings of Canadian players. But Russians (and fellow travelers) are not given the same benefit of individuality.
So if you wanna call me racist for the point I'm making, go ahead and do so. I don't really care, but as a citizen of DEMOCRATIC country I would love if everyone would be treated same way, disregarding his ethnic or wealth status. I know I'm a dreamer but that's the way I'm

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