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11-24-2003, 12:02 PM
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I can understand the situation.

To me the most ready prospect was Higgins, but he definetly isn't ready for 2nd line ice time in Montreal, he is a great prospect that I like very much but I'd rather have him playing 20 min a game for this year. Lets not forget he is used to playing 40 games a year, Komo hit a wall last year because of that and he is much more physically mature. At the end of the year or next years start, Higgins will be here.

Plekanec hasn't played a full season as the go to guy in Hamilton, from what I saw, he's still got a few things to learn but he's getting quite good. He will probably see some action this year, but I wouldn't count on it. He isn't ready to contribute at the NHL, he might get 25-30 points with some luck and a lot of hard work, but he's gonna struggle and make tons of mistakes not to mention he'll have trouble in his own end.

Hossa has been improving, but his confidence is at an all time low and he might not have worked as hard as he could. He has started using his size and playing tons of minutes will help him regain his confidence and theres no doubt he learned a lot from his stint here.

Hainsey still seems brain dead as times and doesn't make the right decisions . His hockey sense is incredible and his talent is rare but again confidence and intensity is lacking, top minutes might help.

Dagenais I don't care about, he didn't impress me at all with the bulldogs and I don't expect anything out of him. He's a 6'5" waste.

its good to here Komisarek is here.

Lets not forget about an important thing, Ryder was a top player in the AHL, but that doesn't always turn into NHL success. Right now he's got 10 points and is headed for a 39 point season if everything goes well. Its good, but lets not forget he was our most NHL ready prospect and he's getting top line minutes. Do you really expect that guys that havent played in NHL before and that are younger will succeed more?
Unless they are top 5 picks, it would be surprising.

That doesn't mean they don't the talent to have an impact, they just need more time.

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