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05-13-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
I'm not the one who's desperately trying to absolve Bryz of blame for a bad decision he alone chose to made.
Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
i'm giving Bryz his share of the blame. he should have frozen the puck.
Bryz gets 100% of the blame for HIS PART. bad decision not to freeze it. no 2 ways about it.

that's not absolving him of ANYTHING. quote me where i said he is not to blame for his error. otherwise, stop inventing things, i'm certain that is against of forum rules.

you can ignore it all you want, but that play started with Kimmo.

therefore, Timonen gets 100% of the blame for HIS PART. bad decision to throw the puck back to a goalie who has trouble handling the puck. a bad decision he alone chose to make.

2 errors by 2 players on the play. each player solely 100% to blame for his part in the situation, for a bad decision they alone chose to make.


as far as your 'let's compare it to a forward & a defenseman, or an empty net' .... here's the ONLY relevant comparison:

if a player on team A, with other options available to him, dumps the puck to his goalie who is known for poor puckhandling, and the goalie shoots the puck instead of freezing it or clearing the puck away, and it deflects into his net; who gets the blame ?

both do 50%.
the player 50% for dumping it back to the goalie who has trouble handling pucks & the goalie 50% for not freezing it / clearing the puck away

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