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Originally Posted by HagsSwag View Post
I actually played on the Jr Devils as a Midget AA so I think I have a Devs jersey I could take a pic in as proof of my fandom stashed away somewhere. (Thats too low to stoop imo )
Its not too low. I would be proud to outsmart these idiots to get in for face value. It is a dopey scheme to try and keep Rangers fans out and they can't possibly know if youre lying or not.

I would go with the old man approach: I've been a Devils fan since the beginning and got introduced to the internet about a year ago. I found this site at the beginning of the season and I come here everyday to get other fans perspectives. I have never posted but when I found this playoff thread, I had to sign up and post. I realize you would all be skeptical of a first time poster but I would love to take my 3 grandkids to a game, all are huge fans and never miss a game on TV. I can send you my picture in Devils attire but for obvious reasons I wont send astranger pictures of my grandkids. So if your willing to trust in me I would really love to see our beloved Devils live and keep 4 more obnoxious Rangers fans out of our building.

Find a pic on the internet of an old geezer wearing a Zelepukin jersey and before you know it you and 3 other Rangers fans are sitting in the pebble chugging beers with the money you saved on tix. Good Luck

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