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05-13-2012, 08:58 PM
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How can I start fixing my skating (with youtube)

So I've been playing hockey for four years now and for the first time ever get to see myself on video. This is the fist ever HF Canucks drop-in game (if anyone's interested this is the link to all the video's in order), and I've always gotten the impression that I'm not getting the same speed for the same effort/stride that other guys get and now I see exactly why, I'm about as ramrod straight on my skates as you can get!

In the video below I'm the guy in the orange jersey, get a little bit of a rush at the 30 second mark:

Any suggestions on what I could do to start fixing this, so I start to look live everyone else out there skating? Some simple at home exercises could help as well, since technically I can't even do a proper squat on my own feet.

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