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The easiest thing you can do is cut your stick shorter. My stick comes up to my mouth when I stand on bare feet. How long is your stick?

This will force you to bend your knees, unless you want to look like an idiot stickhandling with one hand on your stick. (I know someone who actually does this.)

Also, I like to practice my crossovers and tight turns. I find that when I aim to perform faster, tighter turns, I have to bend my knees more. It's a fantastic and rewarding feeling when I get faster and faster, so then I try to bend my knees even more. Kind of like a positive, self-reinforcing cycle.

If you're a visual person, watch higher level games. The top players all skate very low. When you skate, keep that visual image your mind. I've always done this since I was a kid. I would watch the pros play baseball or football on TV and try to imitate them.

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