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05-13-2012, 09:30 PM
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I watched your rush a couple times to try and figure out what I was seeing that seemed weird about it and the only things I could really think of are maybe lean down a bit more? Back bent and knees bent more? It looked like a lot of guys out there had bad balance so maybe you should getting better balance, but I dont think thats it.

As I was typing that I thought of something but I am not sure if you did it or not. Try swinging your arms more it might help you out. I guess if you could also just put your head down and give it your all to get back etc...

Also I know you didn't ask but I am just trying to help and a lot of people do the same thing but your stickhandling if robotic like. Trying being a bit more smoother and softer. I was told that you shouldn't be able to hear the puck when it goes back and forth and if you can get some softer hands you will notice a lot better sucess at getting around guys regardless of your skating.

I hope you find something useful out of this, anything I say could be wrong but it is stuff i do.

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