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Originally Posted by mach03nyr View Post
Not sure who exactly this is referring to specifically. But I was unaware that there was any kind of correlation between post count on this forum, and whether one knows the market value for post season tickets, or their hockey knowledge in general for that matter. I see people simply asking if anybody is selling their tickets at face value (or slightly more). It is not much of a stretch, I have dealt with people on this board who have sold their tickets at face, hence why I asked, I know what the market is. If people want to sell their tickets for double the face value, then that is their decision they do not need to answer, however saying we are a cancer because we have "a low post count" and "just joined the forum" does not make any sense. I am on this forum daily, but generally avoid posting anything for reasons like this. Having said that, if anybody is selling them please PM me. If not, good luck with your sale.
I was going to say something but you beat me to it.

The most I'd like to spend is about $180/ticket. I dont care where the seat location is, which game or even which arena. That said I don't really expect a response.

Most importantly I'd like to know when the TM presale for finals tix start for STH's, or anybody else for that matter.

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