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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
So I've been having a serious mental block trying stop with my right foot forward. I havent been able get comfortable turning my body that direction. Decided to try and just sell out going for it, which ended up with me going face first into the ice. Fat lip, black eye, swollen cheek, the whole thing.
Sharks ice 1 - Me 0
Do you practice your skating with some gear on? I've been playing for a while and even at public skate, I always wear shinpads and elbowpads. This is because once, I did a hockey stop next to the boards, lost an edge, and slammed my knee into the boards. I wasn't able to stand up and had to be driven to the doctor.

Be careful out there!

For the hockey stop, try practicing pivoting on your skates while standing in place, in particular the bad side (right foot forward). Make sure you are standing with your skates in a neutral position, not digging in with your inside or outside edge.

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