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11-24-2003, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
I agree with you. I wanted to see a youth movement in Montreal but not in rotation. And don't count that #4 option out too fast. At this point, with the way CJ has handled the kids, I wouldn't be surprised if indeed Komisarek was doing much more sitting than playing.
Well I doubt they are gonna sit him. 3 things lead me to believe a trade might be brewing :

1. Last week Bob Gainey said that we had depht on defense and that some assets could be used to get bigger up front.
2. We have 3 RD yet we call another one up. If they were gonna give Hainsey's pressbox seat to the call up they would have callled up Dykhuis.
3. Least but most important, in the rds full article Gainey said he'd "explain" those moves tuesday morning

I'm keeping my fingers crossed !

Originally Posted by Munchausen
Dagenais deserved an other chance also. I don't like him, but this is my business. He was scoring a lot in the AHL and scoring is a problem in Montreal. That being said, he's big but softer than silk. But the worse part is his speed. He's by far the slowest skater on our team now, even more than Langdon. Good shot I'll give him that, but cannot create chances by himself. Anyway I hope they at least try him with Ribeiro so we get this over with.
I don't like Dagenais neither. But I think he can do better than Audette. Which doesn't mean much. But like I said it's all about rewarding those who produce the most and about being logical. Even though the habs management hasn't been all that logical so far. I still strongly believe that benching Hainsey after the first couple of games (where he played well) to play Bouillon was real stupid.

Originally Posted by Munchausen
Not impressed. Bouillon is better than Hainsey? Dagenais better than Hossa? Come on. Anyway I won't jump at anybody's throat for those decisions and wait for the results but so far, CJ is not making a fan of his out of me the way he's been handling the kids. We'll see.
Same here

Originally Posted by Munchausen
Anybody else think it's ridiculous how tough it is for a rookie to crack an average team's lineup like Montreal?
Look at the oilers they don't have anything close to our prospect depht and yet they have twice as many prospects playing with them. It's sad really that the management would keep achieving average(I'm being REALLY generous here) results with the vets but would keep banking their money on them. Sad ...

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