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03-23-2006, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf_Crazy
Jesus, I gey my chances but I have no finish..... I usually go glove side but I think im going to start shotting stick side.....

Goalies, what is the hardest shot to save?
You aren't going to find a spot that is going to just work and go in for you all the time. It all depends on the situation. As a generalization, low stick side is usually a difficult place for most goalies to reach quickly - but that doesn't mean every goalie struggles there all the time.

Work on your shot. If you can become more accurate, any spot on the goalie will be hard to stop. Work on releasing pucks from all over, instead of just shooting from your ideal spot halfway between your feet. Take a bunch of pucks and stand at a circle and fire them all at the net from way behind your stance, then do it again from way in front of your stance. If you can get good at releasing those kinds of shots you will score a lot more because your release will be fast and deceiving.

Also, when you do get a scoring chance, you NEED to learn how to get an advantage over the goalie. Get his feet moving and you'll have an advantage. Make him move side to side so he has to change his angle, and you'll have an advantage. Learn how to sell a fake shot and you'll find some goalies making the first move - that's a huge advantage. Once you learn how to get the upper hand, really focus on burying your shots.

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