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05-13-2012, 11:07 PM
knorthern knight
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The main problem is Les Alexander. He's got exclusivity for an NHL team in the arena, and doesn't appear to be interested or capable of buying a team. Without his permission, no one else can put a team in there. And there is no other NHL-spec arena in the area.

The ship has sailed as far as Les Alexander getting an NHL franchise. He's 69, and he's no longer a billionaire. He did show up in the Forbes 400 of 2006 with $1.2 billion. But much of his wealth was in FMD shares. They made RIM look like a good investment. Plus he also had a divorce. Anyhow, I found several sites, including which put his current net worth at $80 million. Yes, the Houston Rockets are worth a lot more, but Les Alexander is obviously not the sole owner, or there may be a lot of debt. $80 million is less than half of what TNSE paid for the Thrashers/Jets, or what the NHL wants for the Coyotes. Unless/until Les Alexander sells out, Houston ain't gonna happen. Sorry,, fuggedaboutit.

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