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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
you really should have pressed about suter so we could all confirm he is gone.

thats awesome !! you are lucky. anything else he said worth mentioning?
I'm not going to repeat anything he said that could be considered controversial because he was cool enough to trust me and the group I was with all night. We were being cool but I was shocked at how open he was.

We only briefly talked about hockey. We were all there having a good time and I know he didn't want to talk about hockey all night. He knew I was a season ticket holder so I didn't want to come off too strong. In the little we did talk about hockey he said he was disappointed to have the run come to an end with a loss to Phoenix. Not an exact quote but he said LA would wipe the floor with Phoenix(Looking good so far). After a few drinks and I was a little tipsy I did ask some tougher questions like What the hell was he thinking with Zetterburg? He said he was just so pissed off he snapped. Said Shanny told him had there been an injury he would have been suspended.

After I had a few more drinks I couldn't help myself and I told him it was so weird to be here hanging out with him when usually I'm in the stands saying " What the **** are you doing Weber?!" He just laughed.

Someone brought up karaoke and he said no way. He had no problem playing hockey in front of 17,000 people but there is no way he would sing in front of people at a bar.

Originally Posted by brah View Post
what were they drinking?

mich ultras and jagerbombs?
I do have to say for being a 7.5 million dollar man I was a little disappointed he was buying Bud Light but when Shea Weber is offering you free drinks you take them. Also bought our group a round of shots.

Probably was the second best night going out ever in my life besides a couple years ago in Vegas me and my buddies ended up meeting some beautiful ladies playing Blackjack at New York New York and they ended up getting us in every place possible that night. Specifically the hardwood suite at The Palms which is just insane. I have the same surreal feeling today as I do about the Vegas night. Did that just really happen?

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