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05-13-2012, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
You people do realize it was a Habs fan that suggested this? Can we just agree that neither team likes this.

As to Stastny vs Plekanec ?

Plekanec is 29

Stastny is 26

Plekanec: GP-551 G-142 A-221 P-363 (.659 PPG%)

Stastny: GP-427 G-126 A-248 P-374 (.876 PPG%)

Stastny is younger, has produced more in less years and is just as good as Plekanec on both sides of the puck. Eller + 3rd rounder does not make the difference between a 1st line center and a second line center. Get over it..
I have nothing to get over. I will happily keep Eller, Pleks and the 3rd round pick, you can enjoy Stastny and the extra 1.6 million he costs you for the whole 1 point more

Both are good defensive forwards. Both have had average years in terms of producing points for the last 2 seasons. Let's see what your 1.6 million more per season bought you last year:

4 more goals. 3 less assists. 1 more point. A better +/- by 7. 27 less hits (I thought Stastny was supposed to be the more physical player since he is so much bigger and needs to be stronger in the west), 8 less blocked shots, 24 less giveaways, 16 more takeaways, and 6% better face off percentage.

It gets even closer if you look at the season before the one that just passed:

The got the exact same number of goals, assists, and points. Stastny was -7, Plekanec +8, Stastny had 21 more hits, but 14 less blocked shots. Stastny had a 53% faceoff winning percentage to Plekanec's 50%.

So, give me the extra 1.6 million in cap space along with what Plekanec brings to our team, Eller, and the 3rd round pick over Stastny. Like I have maintained, Stastny, IS a BIT of an upgrade over Plekanec, and the age has a lot to do with that, but not to the degree that he would be worth taking on 1.6 million more dollars of salary cap space AND losing Eller and a 3rd round pick. If you think Stastny is that much better, and can not see why he isn't, well, maybe YOU should "get over it".

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