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11-24-2003, 12:22 PM
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be careful what you wish for... bringing up guys early can be a huge mistake for confidence reasons and for growth reasons. Do you really want one of our guys to go through the scenario that Radek Bonk went through? People calling him crap, demanding a trade, calling him a bust, booing him because they didn't want him on the team... why?? because he was a first rounder that took time to develop.

Save our guys the headaches and heartaches of playing in the NHL at such a young age.... the team in hamilton has finally begun to gel, let them play together in an atmoshpere where they can develop leadership skills, where they will score, see lots of icetime, and succeed. Bringing those kids to Montreal is a mistake. Less icetime, harsh press coverage, living adjustments, game speed adjustments, and they are all still growing into their bodies. All that, and we still have too many forwards that would be scooped off the waiver wire for a return of nothing.

Plekanec, Balej, Perezhogin, Dagenais, Higgins... they should all stay in the AHL for at least another three months, preferably the entire season. It'll help them avoid hockey politics this year too. Be patient... we've added depth to our organisation since BG came in. We are not a contender, and i think that we'll miss the playoffs, so let the kids win in the AHL where playing will be FUN

Good post, I agree fully with you and Mizral. Although I think some of our vets are not good examples. Although I wasn't too found of having both Bouillon and Quintal on the blueline I gotta admit they are a great example. They play with heart and not too many of our current players do. These types of players are crucial for youngsters because if they are not there they will look at guys like , Audette, Dackell, Sundstrom and such. Juneau is not a good player but he is good at teaching, just ask Bulis. heck even Rivet helped Markov. I whine a lot about the vets but I'm conscious they are needed if we are to achieve our youth process.

The key word is patience.

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